• Do you only do cats and dogs?

    No, we can do any animal! Just upload a photo of whatever you want on your item and our designers will get to work on it. We also have human face socks if you want to put a human on them! If there are any issues, our designers will flag it to us and we can reach out to you.
  • How many pets can I have on my item?

    As standard you can upload 1 pet on a product. If you wish to have a second pet then please select this option on the product page. You will have the option to add a second photo and you will be charged an additional $5 for the second face. If the photo you are uploading has both pets, please sel...
  • What photo works best?

    The best photos are face on, in good light and showing the whole face. Please try not to use blurry or low resolution photos. If our design team doesn’t think they photo is good enough to use, then they will usually flag this to us so we can get in touch and request a new photo.